Welcome!  We make it simple and easy to stay connected and protected.


All our systems arrive with contactless delivery, packed clean with care, and are "plug and play" ready right out of the box.


A Smart Home where communicating with friends and family, turning on television, lights, and music, or connecting to help in an emergency were all managed with just your voice. 


The Smart Home of the future is here today and we make it

simple and easy to get started.


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One Step Closer to a Better, Safer Life.

You are here for a reason. You or someone you know has a need to feel more connected and protected -- to have more peace of mind.  We all want to live a safe and independent life,

and you’re curious about how adding a bit of technology at home can help.

Companion 24/7 is your answer.​​


A New Way to Stay Connected and Protected.


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100% Voice Activated

Voice Assistant

Uniquely Better.

A. Voice Activated Urgent Response

The #1 risk for anyone living alone is falling and a fall requiring hospitalization happens every 11 seconds.  In any home emergency, simply say "Call for Help" and be instantly connected by two-way voice to our highly trained, U.S. based Urgent Response Agents

who will assess your situation and get you the help you need.

(Not available elsewhere -- Patented)

B. Guaranteed Privacy

We believe most Americans have developed an unhealthy relationship with our technology providers (including Amazon, Google, and Facebook to name just a few).  Have you ever read those "privacy policies"?  Do you trust them to keep you safe and private online?   


 We believe in keeping you safe in an emergency, but also protect your identity and personal information.  Our entire system is uniquely designed behind military-grade security making our clients completely anonymous on our secure encrypted network. Further, your privacy is guaranteed by a $1 million cybersecurity insurance policy from Lloyds of London.

So go ahead and enjoy your smart speakers all you want. 

We've got you covered online.

(Not available elsewhere -- Patented)

C. Custom Designed for You

Our Smart Home Design Experts make it simple and easy to get just the solution you need and take the "guess-work" out of creating the right solution for you and your loved ones - right now.  Look, we get it.  There is so much to know about technology these days it can

be a bit overwhelming.   Even our "high-tech" clients love having a professional do

the leg work, programming, and set up for them.

The Best Part - It's Absolutely Free!

That's right.  It costs you zero, nothing, not-a-penny to have our award-winning design team to create the perfect Smart Home to fit your needs and on any budget.  You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars having a custom-designed system built. 

Why would we do all that without charging a design and production fee?

Our Mission is to Make People's Lives Better​

(Not available elsewhere -- we're kind of proud of that.)


A system tailored to you 

Every Companion 24/7 system is designed to keep you connected and protected in a way that works for you and your budget.  Whether you want just the basics or all the bells and whistles, our Advisors can work with you to customize a system that is right for you and your home.

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3 Simple Steps


Design – Delivery – Setup

Our professional Smart Home Design Team does it all for you.   We offer fully customized, 100% pre-programmed systems with a simple DIY set-up that takes just minutes to setup.

(Contactless delivery and install over the phone during COVID-19, that is super simple and easy.)


One Amazing Result


For End-Users: Fun and moments of joy while feeling more connected, engaged, and protected. Clients of every age just love it! (our oldest client is 101 years young).


For adult children, caregivers and loved ones:  Peace of Mind means knowing that

Care is Always There. 

How it Works


Whole-Home Coverage

Our Smart Home Systems are voice-activated, motion-activated, artificial intelligence-powered so they learn your likes and preferences yet simple to set up and start using.


1. Speaker Phone Everywhere

​Ever look for your cellphone?  Ever have to call your cellphone from another phone to find your phone?  We get it.  So that's why we design all our systems with a voice-activated smart speaker in every room so you can make and receive calls with just your voice. 

Simply say, "Call my son" (or daughter),  "Call my doctor" etc. 

No more "running for the phone" when it rings, just say "Answer".

The Best Part.

Say "good-bye" to all those telemarketers and "robo-callers" trying to sell you something, or even worse -- scams that try to take advantage of you. 100% guaranteed.

2. No Wi-Fi?  No Smartphone? 

No Problem

​All our systems arrive 100% fully programmed and customized for you and those you care for.   That includes telephone contacts (update them anytime - just contact one of our friendly Advisers).   If your home does not have internet and you live close enough to cellular coverage for a strong signal -- simply request one of our Cellular System upgrades and get high-speed cellular (with built-in battery backup) to power your Smart Home.

No.  We haven't thought of everything.

But we're working on it.

3.  Voice and Video Calling

​Now, more than ever, staying connected is important to you and those you love.  We've all been given a lesson in social isolation lately, and it's taught us what's important. 


Add video to your Smart Home experience and see how what it feels like to stay more connected than ever before.   It's almost like being there, but

from the safety and convenience of your own home.

Simple and

Easy Setup

(Just plug it in)

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Take A Test Drive

 Would you buy a home without looking at it first?  Would you purchase a new car without a test drive? Probably not.  Then how would you know if a Smart Home System is right for you?


That is why we created our 8-Week

Risk-Free, In-Home Trial. 


We are sure that you and your loved ones will be delighted and amazed!  Our Smart Home experts will customize and deliver your system in just days.  However, if you decide, for any reason, that it's just not for you, simply return it -- no questions asked.

We even pay for the return shipping.

Could anything be more fair?


"Why wait? You have absolutely nothing to lose, and you'll gain a lifetime of

joy and peace of mind."

Patricia, Pittsburgh, PA

(watch her full story below)

Live a Safe & Independent Life

Real Member Stories - Meet Patricia

With Companion 24/7, Care is Always There with just the sound of your voice.  Our mission is to help people live a safer, happier, and more independent life.


Companion 24/7

Real Stories from

Our Members

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For Our Members
Care is Always

Our Urgent Response Agents protect 1.1 million families 24/7 and help thousands of people just like you every day. Why subscribe to Companion24/7 versus a free service or simply call 911?

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Your Voice-Activated Smart Home

That hears you across the room







8 Reasons Why Companion 24/7 Is Worth the Money

Companion 24/7 can help in more ways than you think. Here are 8 reasons why Companion 24/7 is worth the money.


Smart home technology that is voice-activated throughout your home.


Purpose-built for anyone living alone to increase safety and reduce isolation.


Built behind miliary grade security with your privacy in mind.  Guaranteed.


Compared to the top 10 push-button medical alerts.


Than any wearable push-button medical alert in live agent connection time (when it matters most).


In an independent research study, wearable panic button subscribers did not have their wearable devices within reach in a fall or medical emergency - 83% of the time.  

Rendering them totally useless.


Wearable panic buttons are no longer needed.

We provide Custom Designed, Voice-Activated Smart Home Solutions that instantly connect you to our high-trained urgent response center in any home emergency - 24/7.





"I am never going to wear one of these things."

Get the Smart Home Solution that is rated #1

plus 5 Diamond Rated Security Monitoring Today.



 There's a serious fall 

 every 11 seconds.


It only takes minutes to sign up.

Why you need Companion 24/7 if you live alone.


1 in 3 Older Adults Fall

Each Year

That's one fall every 11 seconds ending in a trip to the emergency room.  Leading cause of death and serious injury in America.

3X Faster than Push Button Medical Alerts

Companion 24/7 connects you to an Urgent Response Operator in approximately 10 seconds when it matters most.


Isolation & Loneliness increase risk of death 30%

Loneliness can lead to depression and is proven to increase your risk for chronic illness.  Companion 24/7 reduces isolation.  Watch.


 Smart Home 

Safe Home

Home automation is loaded with safety features.  Discover how living alone can be better, smarter and safer with our 30 Day Trial.


83% More Reliable than Wearable Devices

Older adults either forget or refuse to wear push-button medical alerts 83% of the time when a fall occurs. rendering them useless.


Million Dollar Privacy

Protection Guarantee

Members are guaranteed 100% privacy and are anonymous on our private, encyrpted network, backed by Lloyds of London. 


Live a Safe and  Independent Life

Get Companion 24/7.

We've teamed up with the best

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Let's get started.

Membership with professional monitoring starting at just $24.95 / month.  Smart Home Equipment at cost with our 60-Day, Price Match Guarantee.  0% APR financing available.


Speak to an advisor, (8am to 8pm EST)

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